Saturday, June 29, 2013

some more Tyler Tales

 On a warm and sunny day this week, "war" broke out in our back yard...more specifically our swing set.  Tragically, Tyler got caught in the crossfire and this is the result...

A missing tooth.
 It really is a sad, sad thing when one so young looses a tooth knowing that it will be years until it is replaced with a permanent tooth.

                      When Tyler came crying to the back door with a mouth full of blood, I knew that I needed some back up, so I called my sister-in-law Christine and she came over right away (many times I have thought that she would of been an excellent emergency room nurse!) Both of us could not tell if the tooth got shoved up into Tyler's gums so I called our dentist to get some help. By this time I was feeling slightly frazzled but just to make matters more chaotic, the dentist closed five minutes before I called. By this time Tyler was full of blood, I was very mad at the other boys who were suffering from sudden amnesia when asked what happened, and I was not in a good place in my mind.
I grabbed Tyler and took off at a quick clip to the dentist with high hopes that I might be able to catch the dentist before he left the office. The quick clip lasted until I noticed a cop following closely behind me - the very truth. Thankfully the cop didn't pull me over and I slid to a stop in the parking lot (taking up three spaces). Once again I grabbed Tyler and ran to the door. The staff were just locking the door, talking about their packed long weekend and then...they looked up to see my frazzled face, trying to catch my breath, and Tyler with blood streaked all over his t-shirt. They graciously unlocked the door, turned their computer system on again and took x-rays of his little mouth.
$56.00 later we knew that the tooth was indeed gone, Tyler was happy with his little prizes, and I headed slowly off for home. What a day.
Here's what I learned. Accidents do happen and it doesn't have to be one person's fault. The boys were all having fun and Tyler just happened to get caught in the middle. What can I say? Not having girls in our family  means we don't have to deal with the drama; we have trauma (at least for me!)


Tyler's favourite funny face.

Here are a few pictures of our full-of-life little guy. (pre-accident) 

Tyler has been making his own lunch for some time now. It is one big messy occurrence, but he is thrilled with his messy, gooey, sandwiches.

Now I know why I have so much laundry!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BOOKS - 'Waiting For His Heart" by Joy McClain

**Lately I have come across some wonderful books that I would like to share with you. I am going to keep my reviews of the books simple and give you a quick glimpse of what the book is about. These books may be helpful to you in whatever trials you or a loved one are going through; you may want to put these books in your church library; or recommend a book to a friend.

"Waiting For His Heart" by Joy McClain
Lessons from a wife who chose to stay

When Joy spoke her wedding vow, she had no idea that for the next 20 years her marriage would be shattered because of  her husband's addiction to alcohol. Joy writes about the struggles of being a single mom, financial difficulties, disappointments, but most of all how God spread His everlasting arms under her and carried her through the hard, lonely moments. In the end the redemption that God orchestrated is beyond beautiful and gives hope. What I appreciated about this book is that Joy does not dwell on the horribleness of her life but continued to point to the gracious work of Jesus. Joy uses her gift of writing to encourage those going through this struggle (or those walking along side those with addictions) BUT this book can be for anyone to read, and I heartily recommend it.

*you can watch Joy on youtube. Type in Joy McClain: True woman profile 

Friday, June 7, 2013

amazing aunts!

On Mother's Day, I was thinking about all of the wonderful, inspirational women God has placed in my life and I realized that many of these women are my AUNTS!
On my mom's side my aunts are one of a kind. They host teas, brunches, baby and wedding showers for all of their nieces. They bring meals, cards and words of encouragement when there are down days. They can give recipes off the top of their head, tell you where the best deals are, and they have a fantastic sense of humor. On my dad's side, sometimes I only see my aunts a couple times of year but what really strikes me is that it seems like just yesterday. We pick up just where we left off. They want to know what is going on in your life, what is new, and what books are worth reading. I have asked them for advice and it has always been very Godly.
 When I married Adam, God gave me more aunts and they too are wonderful. It seems like they have always been my aunts! We don't see each other as often, but when we do, it is like receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers!
So if you are an aunt, be assured that you too play a role in your nephews and nieces' lives. I know that our boys drink in the attention that their aunts and uncles, and even great aunts and uncles shower on them!

Monday, June 3, 2013

what an inspiring video to watch!

This video of an older brother who devotes and sacrifices so much for his younger brother who has a disability is very touching. Show it to  your kids