Wednesday, July 30, 2014

you only have boys in your family when...

* your nine year old asks if you have "ever heard of this thing called a barbie?"

** your six year old occupies himself during supper by making a fence out of a spaghetti noodle for his "pet" ant

*** your boys express sympathy and dismay for their friends who have sisters. I have overheard: "How annoying for you to have a sister. I feel sorry for you"

**** there is no such thing as a leisurely family bike-ride. Bike helmets are thrown on and the boys go charging out of the driveway at top-notch speed peddling fast and recklessly. Their competitiveness is obvious as they fly down the road swerving to miss pot holes and narrowly missing each other. As I peddle along, far behind everyone else, I wonder what it will be like when they start driving...dread.

*****  it is pure delight when your boys surprise you with a fist full of "flowers." They know that flowers thrill me and they will search high and low for a bouquet.

****** Its an honour to be a mother of all boys!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Up North - July 2014

The cottages quickly filled up with excited children and chatting adults on the first week of July. The head count for the children took a little longer than normal - we had over 60 children roaming the grounds of camp, enough to start up a school! We realized that this was going to be one adventuresome week!
The week, although at times rainy and cloudy, was full of fellowship, laughter, and fun.
The older children took time to play and talk to the younger children and there didn't seem to be any age divisions. It was so special watching the older ones interact and teach the younger ones about nature, fishing, and boat riding.

The water level was incredibly high covering most of the beach. We made good use of the boats, canoes, and the paddle boat.

One rainy afternoon, the teacher in my friend Christine took over and she organized a photo-scavenger hunt for the children. Groups were quickly set up and off they ran to find chipmunks, horse shoes, feathers, an owl, ducks, and did small performances for the cameras.

  Uncle Roger needed to have a little joke played on him, so the groups had to find him and sing, "O' Canada". He enthusiastically listened and sung along.

It was a wonderful week, full of Christian fellowship. Until next time...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

meet Almira and Georgina

Finally after nine male puppies we have some female animals. Meet Almira and Georgina (although the boys refer to them as T-bone and Steak).

                                   Building the cow structure has been great fun for our climbers.
                                                             And here they come!
                                                          Our delivery team!
                                                              Why doesn't this surprise us?

The cows are a little skittish so we are having a competition with who will be the first to touch them. Last night my dad got within an inch so there is some progress! Our neighbours are also in on the competition. While we bang our tambourine to call the pigs and cows our neighbours are ringing their bell. Apparently they have better scraps than us because the animals spend more time on that side of the field. The pigs also will lie down along the fence while our neighbour hoses them down with cool water. Quite the life!