Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Life on the Farm - spring & summer 2016 - GOATS

We were thrilled to learn our goat Mabel was expecting, due near the beginning of April. We kept a careful eye on her once again as she nested in the warm comfort of the chicken coop, hoping that this time we would be able to witness the birth of a kid.
Unfortunately it was not to be. We missed the birth of a little buckling and doe by a few minutes. I heard a faint little "bleat" from the coop and went running. There stood a panting mama and two wee little things trying to get on to their feet.

We had two younger girls visiting us that day and they were totally thrilled watching this all take place. When their mom came to pick them up, they were adamant they couldn't go home. Their poor mom didn't know the goat was pregnant so she was trying to sort out what they were saying when they told her they wanted to wait until the placenta came out(!)
This picture won the photo contest and made it to the front page of the newspaper. Caleb was very proud of himself and shows all of our guests his claim to fame.

                                                     The Goat House
The boys' playhouse was in a dangerous state so we decided to take it down, fix it up, and make that into the goat house.

 The new goat-house- to -be was moved across the frozen field and set up near the other animal shelters.


During the spring, trim and paint were added along with a fence for the pen.
With ramps and stools to play on, this goat area has turned out to be fun. We love watching the goats run, leap, and jump.
We needed to get rid of the buckling (they can make their sisters pregnant at a very young age). The plan was to trade Mabel the mama goat, and the buckling for a friendly and calm goat that could walk around on a harness. When I showed the owner a picture of Mabel she totally refused to do the trade. She explained that she had already owned Mabel once upon a time and didn't ever want her back again. I knew exactly what she meant. Mabel is good looking but has a harsh character that shouts out unfriendliness. We ended up giving the buckling and some money for this new goat that we all love.

Caleb playing in the sandbox with two of his friends.