Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wordless wednesday

Tyler knows that he is not allowed to climb onto the counter. This time he got caught in the act...he couldn't move.
Flies are terrible, so you know that you are desperate to get rid of them when you hang one of these ugly fly strips right above your kitchen island. Most of the time I remember to move it before company comes:)

Liam in a profound manner told me
that there was no way that Adam and Eve had flies in their house.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

the pond

On May 10 the boys excitedly marched to the pond - this was the first time that the pond was ever swam in! Aunt Rachel was brave and swam with the boys. (Take in the fresh green grass!)

Adam thought of making a rock wall for jumping into the pond and it was an automatic hit.

At first the sound of Canada geese landing in the pond made my heart swell but soon they invited too many of their friends and the pond became a battle ground. Not only did they poop everywhere, but they hissed at each other and us! We needed to do something and quick...

Adam picked up this scary looking coyote and staked it by the pond.
The boys didn't know about this, so when they came home from school I waited a bit and then shouted, "there's a coyote by the pond!! Boys- do something!"
They quickly ran to the windows and Andrew burst into tears. I was mean and kept on going with the joke. The boys talked excitedly amongst each other. They finally decided to call a brave man. Their dad. Nate's fingers shook as he was dialing Adam's phone number and his voice rose with excitement.
Adam came running out of the barn and faced this ferocious coyote head on. He jumped on it and tackled it to the ground. The boys eyes were round with wonder and their mouths hung opened. What just happened?! I laughed and laughed. They did not see the humour of it.

This ferocious coyote did not do it's job so Adam "resorted" to plan B.

We do not have anymore Canada geese in the pond...

But now we have another problem. The water just kept on draining no matter how much we pumped water in from the back stream. Adam found two spots were he thought that it was leaking but now the stream is dry and we can't pump more water in. The jumping rock has become more dangerous. Diving is absolutely forbidden. Cannon balls are recommended if you are tall. If you are short, you should be okay. The water level should be covering the small rocks along the edge but with this drought we might have to wait until next year. We need rain and lots of it.

We love having a pond and the boys can't get enough playtime in there.

Monday, July 9, 2012

worth reading

This past Sunday the members of our church received a letter from our consistory and I thought that it was written in such a loving and caring, yet exhorting way that I wanted to share it with you. It is about dressing with modesty.

"Dear Congregation,
   Several years ago a letter was forwarded to the congregation from the Consistory regarding dressing modestly. Reference was made to a speech entitled "Modesty Matters" by Pam Hardy, wife of a Pastor at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California (where the well-known John McArthur is the senior Pastor). You can still find this speech on-line at  The Consistory recommends this speech.
   This speech is primarily addressed to ladies. It provides some very clear and definite Biblical teaching and principles on the reasons and importance of dressing modestly as well as gives some good practical suggestions and advice as to how Christians should be discerning in their dress.
   Summer time  is a beautiful season but it does bring with it inclinations towards immodest and even provocative dress, perhaps also among us. We may not go along with immodest trends (Rom.12:2,1Tim.2:9-10). Rather let us always dress modestly thereby honouring God and not tempting others to sin (1Cor.10:32-33). This is part of our Christian calling and shows our love and respect for one another (1Cor.13, Rom.15).
    Though the speech was given at a Ladies Conference, the Consistory strongly urges the husband and father of the family to read it as well. As a leader of the household, he has a great responsibility to see to it that the family is honouring God also in the matter of appropriate clothing. In addition, the Consistory would like to remind the men of the Church, that they too should, as examples showing leadership (1Tim.3:4; 1Peter 5:2), consider carefully what they are wearing and their motivations in wearing what they do.
    The goal of every Christian should be to glorify God in all things (1Cor.10:31). If we are "not our own, but belong to our faithful Saviour, Jesus Christ" (Heidelberg Catechism QA 1), then our body is also the temple of the Holy Spirit (1Cor. 6:19-20). Clearly, how we dress also has to do with the glory of God and how we reflect the image of God to others.

    Dear Congregation - Let us seek to be heavenly (godly) minded and not worldly minded, and that it be our Christian desire to not needlessly offend others or tempt others to sin (Matt 18:6-7; 1Cor. 8:13, Rom.15). In speaking to one another about these matters, as a Christian church we are exhorted to do so in Christian love and on the basis of Scripture. Let us esteem the other higher than ourselves reflecting the "mind of Christ" (Phil.2:1-5). In so doing, we become living examples of modesty and love for others (especially our children) in all that we do.

For additional information several books can be found in our library including - "Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America" by Jeff Pollard.
Two articles on-line are also recommended:
From Nancy Leigh DeMoss:
From John Piper:

May the Lord grant us much wisdom and discretion in these matters.

In Christian love,
Your Consistory"

There is a lot that has been said and that has been written about modesty. This is a matter that is very dear to my heart.  I was raised in a home where modesty mattered and after receiving 4 sons I have spent a lot of time reading about how boys think and visualize. Now modesty means more than ever! It is important to teach daughters not to lower their standards and dress in ways that only impress guys in one way, but it is also important to teach sons to be courageous enough to tell their future girlfriend that what they are wearing is tempting to them, and that they want to treat their girlfriend with much class and dignity. Let your smile, your countenance be what is attractive!