Monday, May 30, 2011

piano times

I love this picture. Tyler is watching Nate intently. It amazes me that at such a young age the little ones are watching their older siblings and they try so hard to copy them.

This is Leanne, our piano teacher. And here is Liam dressed up as a pig during his piano lessons! We have a fantastic piano teacher and our boys adore her. When she comes over after school we all have a cup of hot chocolate and a snack. The boys run around and get all of their "wiggles out."  Nathan and Liam started piano lessons when Liam was almost five and Nate was six and a half. Nate went for 20 minutes and Liam 10 minutes. That worked really well. They practice during the week, but I have to make the time to sit down with them to review what they have learned. When they practice they get rewarded and we do a lot of encouraging.  Some people asked me if I thought that Liam was too young to start with lessons.  I think start them young. It is good for them (especially boys) to sit down and listen to a teacher. It is really nice when you hear them playing a song on their own. Hopefully the love of music will be part of them already at a young age.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

this and that

We are eating in the porch again and we just love it. The mess stays outside
and there is more to see.

Easter Sunday. Tyler looks like he is trying to escape!

This was my first attempt of bathing all of the boys together.  Tyler cried the whole time so that will probably be the last time:)

The day after the windstorm, Adam and his dad were out on the roof early in the morning laying out tarps over the parts were the shingles just blew away like they were light little feathers. The back of our house and the back of the barn lost many shingles too. They got it done it done in a hurry. The next storm clouds were rolling in...

Aunt Leida reading to Andrew. She is my gardening and canning expert.

It was hard to get a picture of the four boy cousins together. These little guys are on the move!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Titus 2 woman

Just by looking into her eyes you can see a sparkle; a lively personality. This lovely lady is known to many as tante Riek. She became my Titus 2 role model 4 years ago.  Our ladies bible study was going through the book "Lies Woman Believe" by NancyLee DeMoss. I was brought to a new level of conviction and became more aware of my sinful heart. At this time tante Riek  came to me and wanted to do a Bible study with me during the summer. We studied "Walking through the Psalms in 30 Days"  also by DeMoss. Tante Riek often came over and I learned so much that summer. Her words of wisdom and encouragement along with our closing prayers helped me grow in the Lord.  These valuable lessons became my foundation when we found out that at 19 weeks pregnant I miscarried. She came over that night and sat with us. Tante Riek has known much grief and sorrow. As a young wife she immigrated to Canada with her husband leaving her family behind in Holland. When she was just 27 years old, her husband was killed in a work related accident leaving her with four young children. She took in borders and worked very hard to make ends meet. (This was the time before the government would financially help and the time before automatic appliances.) She suddenly was both mother and father to her four little ones. Seven years later she married a widower, moved 2 hours away and became the mother of his four young children. Together they had one more child. During this time Christ became more and more precious to her. Life was busy but she awoke before 5:00 each morning to find quiet time with her Saviour. She grew in grace and encouraged others to read good books and to have a personal relationship with the Lord. On top of raising nine children, four more children moved into their house for a year and every night their father would come over for supper so that he could see them. At another time of her life, tante Riek had an elderly lady move in with them and she cared for this lady's physical needs. Years later tante Riek and her husband moved to Calgary, leaving some of her older children behind. While they lived in Calgary, her 19 year old son died. Years later when the family moved back to this area, her husband died from cancer. She was alone once again. Tante Riek prayed that if the Lord wanted her to meet someone again, He would have to send a man to her door steps. Not much later, a fine gentleman arrived at her doorsteps! She married this kind man and they have been married for almost 20 years! Tante Riek dresses cheerfully with bright colours and always wears a beautiful skirt. She smells like blossoms, and wears fine jewelry. Her hands are busy with knitting needles and she always has a present for every baby born into our church. She greets with a hug and a big smile.  She has invited many strangers into her home and has shared the good news. She knows Christ and wants everyone else to know about His saving grace too. She reads many books and wants to know what books you are reading. In the past when I have been struggling, I have called her up and went into her special room in the basement. In this tiny room she has two chairs, many pictures of families, and oodles of books. I have left her home feeling refreshed after spending time in prayer with tante Riek. Tante Riek visits the lonely and the elderly in our church. She encourages young mothers, and every conversation turns to how you are doing with your walk with God.
Last summer after Tyler was born, one afternoon I was upstairs taking a nap. I could hear someone talking to our boys and as I came down the stairs, I heard, "Yesterday was the Lord's Supper. Boys do you know what that means?" I peeked around the corner and there was tante Riek sitting on the couch surrounded by three eager boys amongst some piles of laundry and many toys. That is a memory that I will always treasure.
That is who tante Riek is. She is aware of her sinful heart, but she is also aware of the saving grace that has been freely given to her. She shares this with everyone she meets.  Have a wonderful birthday on Sunday, tante Riek. You have been a blessing to me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

before and after

Back in January when Adam told me that he had to go away for a few days at the end of the month, my brain went into overdrive thinking about what I could change. The Kitchen! I have disliked it intensly since we have had it. We bought it second hand and the dark, heavy oak was not "me". I thought that I had better warn Adam that there would be a major change while he was gone so as he was walking out of the door I said "while you were out...."  Adam left in the evening and early the next day the painter was in! I was so excited. When the first white coat went on those dark cupboards I was giddy - telling the painter that I loved him. (a good thing that he was my cousin!)
The problem was my nerves. I had done a sneeky thing. Adam is very easy going with my decorating and how things are done around here, but a marriage is always better when you discuss the possiblity of spending a certain amount of money before you actually do it:)  The painting was finished on Friday and after the paint dried my dad came late at night to put the new knobs on the cupboard doors. The kitchen looked beautiful and I was beyond thrilled. Adam came home early Saturday and grinned when he saw the kitchen. He thought that it looked great which made me sigh with relief. Now the kitchen is "me!"