Wednesday, October 5, 2016

scenes of summer part #2

The competitions began early in the week while up north.

And then the zip line went up. My uncle thoughtfully measured, put all the supplies together and up went a homemade zipline. 

The kids LOVED the zipline.
Whenever I would look out of the front window of our cottage I would see a kid's face go zooming by.

Finally with the kids tuckered out, Adam had his chance to go on the zipline. The faster the better in his mind. On the picture you see my brother in law struggling with a kid's fishing rod on the picnic table beside the zipline.
Adam should of known better than to attempt the zipline with that brother in law in such close proximity.

And here he comes.

 A mighty push.

And Adam goes flying...inches off of the ground.

Zipping into the beautiful arch of a rainbow.