Tuesday, April 25, 2017

All About Reading

~reading and holding a puppy...perfect for a boy!~

In September we ventured into unknown territory...homeschooling 2 of our children. ( that explains lack of blog posts!)
We started our first grader on a reading program called "All About Reading". It was just my kind of program telling me what to teach, how to teach it, and when to teach it. The program was just Tyler's kind of program with magnets, flash cards, and the one on one teaching that he needed.

Part of the program involves reading to your child for 20 minutes every day.
This is where our dear aunt Marion comes in. Every Monday afternoon, Tyler skypes with aunt Marion and she reads to him, capturing his attention to past an hour at times.
They have been working through the illustrated children's classic books, already finishing six books. Tyler has a copy of a book and aunt Marion has her own copy. She reads with so much expression, that I sometimes stop what I'm doing and tune in! She takes the time to explain the setting of the story, asks related questions, and answers any questions Tyler may have.
He loves it. I love it.
The scarier the story- the better for Tyler. Animals and adventures are a must.
I learned that Anne of Green Gables does not cut it.
 ACTION all of the way!

It's serious business; fighting, saving, rescuing, and getting out of traps!

And there are times aunt Marion will make a visit and the reading
is that much better!


  1. This is JUST lovely! We all need an Aunt Marion. It is wonderful that she is not only contributing academically but also making relationship. Your boys will remember THAT for years to come! Christine

  2. Very few people have an Aunt Marion in their lives, though everyone wishes they did! It's not hard to understand why the boys love their "Aunt Marion". She is a true gem!

  3. Kerri, it is truly an honour and a privilege to be allowed to participate in the lives and learning of your boys. They are an enduring delight and joy to me—even (especially?) when they ambush and assault me without notice! It can't come as a surprise that I love them so dearly and will always do everything in my power to support them (and you and Adam—I love you two very much).

  4. BTW, as I recall, that reading session at your place when the renos were going on was quite a brief and restless one... the boys were way more interested in going to MacDonalds and then Cousin Karen's to wreak havoc with Riley and Reid.